Sunday, 7 January 2018

How Customized Umbrellas Help in the New Business

New business finds it difficult to compete with already established businesses and brands. This is why it is imperative for business owners and managers to look for new ways and strategies to get new customers and grow in business. Springing forth from the start as a new business to a well-established business demands dedication and innovative ideas.

As a new business owner, there are different ways to apply in order to get new customers for your business but these ways might not be yielding the results you desire and they might also be funds demanding.

Research has shown that promotional items such as pens, notebooks, journals, household utensils and particularly customized umbrellas are the most effective and cheaper ways to promote new business and gain more customers. This is because these items have the name of your company and logo printed on them so prospective customers know about your business anytime they see those items.

Importance of Customized Umbrellas in Promoting New Business

Umbrellas are used by everybody both young and old, literate and illiterate. This is why it is one of the most effective means to promote your business and get more customers. To grow in your business, you will need to apply simple but smart move because the market is already saturated with similar business so you need to create smart ways in order to be known by more people.

As a new business owner, you need to create a good impression in the mind of prospective customers so that they will be willing to patronize your business or do business with you. It may seem like a difficult task to think of better effective ways to create a good impression, this is why we recommend the use of custom printed umbrellas because they are cost-effective and also publicity efficient.

There are different types of umbrellas such as the foldable umbrellas that are mostly used by women and easily movable as you can keep it inside your handbag. This is especially more advantageous to use as custom printed umbrellas for publicity. There is also the straight umbrellas that are mostly used by people working in the office. It can be kept at the back of the car. This is also good to use as custom printed umbrellas to publicise your new business.

If your business is an eatery business, you can share these custom umbrellas printed with your company name and business logo to all your first time customers. You can achieve better results on the first day of opening the restaurant, share the umbrellas to everyone that came on the day of the grand opening as gifts.

If you are into other business, you can create ways to meet more people. You can as well go to parks or shopping malls and gift the umbrellas to as many people as possible.

If you are searching for where to get customized umbrellas to buy in bulk, it is available at TheGiftandPaperCompany. Any amount and design of custom printed umbrellas are readily available for your needs.


Thursday, 28 December 2017

Choosing Customized Gifts For Birthdays

Is your friend or family member celebrating his or her birthday and you are thinking of the perfect birthday gift to give to him or her? Customized or Personalized gifts are not just ordinary gifts, they are gifts that are very appreciated and valued by anyone. They are gifts that are customized or imprinted with your name or something you are known for.

These gifts are special and unique because of the added value and style. Maybe your friend is celebrating his 30th birthday and you want to make it a special day for him, you can imprint his name and age on a pen, dairy, or anything you know he likes. This will make him feel very special because you have taken out added time and resources to add value to the gift. This gesture from you will show him that you really care about him and you value your friendship with him.

Importance of Customized Gifts for Birthdays

1. It tells you how much the person cares for you – When a person gives you a customized gift as a birthday present, the person has dedicated his time and resources to make such a gift. This shows that the person cares very much about you and take you very seriously.

2. It creates a special feeling that the gift is made exclusively for you – Customized gifts are imprinted with your name or something associated with you and this makes it exclusive to you alone. It is not mass produced because no other similar item can be found elsewhere with your name on it or your birth date on it. This creates a special feeling inside of you and it makes you very happy.

3. Customized gifts are Thoughtful – For a friend or someone to take out extra time and resources to imprint your name or any gift item then that friend must have had a long thought about it and about you. This makes you feel like you are always in the mind of that person. Let’s take, for example, your boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife, bought you a gift on your 30th birthday with your name imprinted on it, this means that they have you in their mind and take your birthday very seriously.

4. Customized gifts are memorable – Customized gifts are not easily forgotten because each time you see the gift you remember why it was given to you and who gave it to you. Even after so many years, you can’t forget that special gift that was given to you by that your friend or someone close to you. Apart from making you feel special, it also makes you take the person that gave it to you as a special and dear person to you.

5. It reflects legitimate love towards someone – For you to go an extra mile to customized a gift item for someone then you have legitimate love towards that person. Not everyone can go an extra mile to do something extra special for their friends or lovers on their birthdays, so this gesture has given you a chance to show your legitimate love towards someone you care about or someone you love.

6. You save more money but make a better impression – You may buy a bag that is not very expensive and customized it with your friend’s name, you have saved more money and made a better impression than another person that bought a more costly Channel bag without your friend’s name on it. This is because you have made the bag extra special and personalized the bag for your friend.

Gifts items that you can Customize for Birthdays

1. Customized Pens – Customized pens are a great choice if you are thinking of what perfect gift item to give a special one. This is even better if you are presenting it your boss on his birthday, your colleague at work, your boyfriend or husband. Everyone uses pen and a customized nice looking pen is a good choice to make that person feel more special.

2. Customized Bags – This is a good choice if you want to present a special gift to your wife, girlfriend or mother on their birthdays. Women generally love handbags and imprinting their names on it makes it even more unique and special. Get a nice looking bag and customize their names on it, you can be sure to make a statement with this gesture.

3. Customized Umbrellas – Customized umbrellas is another good choice to make for that perfect birthday gift. Everyone needs an umbrella to shield themselves on a hot sunny day or when in the rain. Even if your friend has a car, he/she still needs it because the need for an umbrella may arise at any time.
Customized Umbrellas

4. Customized Household Materials – There are different household items that you can customize such as cups, plates, jugs, e.t.c. You can customize any of these household materials to make them extra special. Household gifts are better if you are giving it to a female like your female friend, mother or your female boss. This is because they put more importance on household items than the men.

Customized household items

5. Customised Digital Items – There are different kinds of digital items you can customize such as speakers, USB’s, Mice, e.t.c. These items are great to give as gifts to your male friends, male boss or your father. Men are generally more inclined to digital items than women so it is best to get what you are sure will be better appreciated and useful.
Customized Electronics

Gifts are very important gestures to show your love and appreciation towards someone, taking extra effort to customize the gifts is much better. Before giving a gift to someone or to your friend and family members, it is best to know what they like more so they will appreciate it more. Customized gifts are special no matter what kind of gift item it is but in order to create more importance and usefulness for the gift, it is best to make it a gift that is much needed by the person you are giving it to.


Thursday, 14 December 2017

Eco-Friendly Customized Gifts

Everybody wants to be safe and healthy, nobody wants to be infected with harmful chemical diseases or bacteria. You want to take safety measures to ensure that you, your family and your surroundings are totally safe and healthy to live in. For this reason, most manufacturers of products and gifts have researched on the best way to make our environment free from harmful chemical materials. They looked for ways to make the environment more friendly and safe for both little children and adults. In this regard, manufacturers of products and gifts have opted for environmentally friendly gifts commonly known as eco-friendly gifts.

Meaning of Eco-Friendly

Eco-friendly simply means environmental-friendly. It means products and materials that are not harmful to the environment and the planet earth in general. It means products and materials that are 100% safe for use without any harmful substances in them. These products are always beneficial to the environment even after use because at their decomposing state they still add value and nutrient to the soil which is beneficial for plant growth.

What are Eco-friendly Gifts

Eco-friendly gifts are environmental friendly gifts. They are gifts that are not harmful or disadvantageous to the environment. These gifts are produced from natural resources or organic materials. They include the use of sustainably grown natural ingredient or materials and produced in ways that do not harm or deplete the ecosystem. They add value to the environment. Some examples of such gifts are gifts made from wood, wool, animal skin, bamboo, and other natural resources.

Customized Eco-friendly gifts

Customized Eco-friendly gifts are eco-friendly gifts that are specially customized for special purposes or needs. These gifts are either made from recycled materials or are recyclable and biodegradable. Customized eco-friendly gifts can be branded with your name, company’s name or company’s logo. They are made for special occasions and publicity purposes.

Importance of Eco-friendly Gifts

  1. They are healthy for use – They are many health benefits you gain when you use natural products and gifts. Synthetic products such as plastic are known to have substances and chemicals in them that are harmful to the human body and can lead to different types of disease and sicknesses for children and adults. Natural gifts are eco-friendly and they are totally safe for use without any traces of harmful substances or chemicals. These gifts are produced 100% of natural materials, trees or animals and they are 100% safe for human use and consumption. They don’t contain any preservatives or additives. They ensure total safety and well-being of you and your family members.
  2. They are recyclable – All-natural gifts are not wasted or thrown into the bin without any further use. They can be recycled to produce something else. This makes the environment free of dirt and waste materials.
  3. They are degradable – Gifts made from natural materials are degradable. This means they can decompose in the soil to form manure for plants. They are not wasted in any way because even when they decompose they are still of importance to the environment. Natural gifts such as gifts made of wool, wood, bamboo, animal skin e.t.c, are degradable and when they decompose they add value to the earth.
  4. Cost Efficiency – They are cost-efficient because they last for a very long time. They may appear expensive when you buy them due to their long-lasting abilities but in the long run, they are very cost-efficient. An example is buying a pure leather bag or shoe, they seem expensive with the high price tag but they last longer and can be used for years without needing to buy another one. They can withstand harsh weather conditions and not get damaged. They are known to be high-quality oriented with value for your money.
  5. House Decorations – All-natural products are known to be beautiful and have iconic looks. They are 100% natural without any chemical addition and this makes them very unique. They can be used to decorate the house and make it look more natural. They kind of gifts are particularly beneficial in the house because they bring nature close to you. Wooden gifts are particularly good for decorative purposes because of their iconic look.
  6. Beautifies the environment – All-natural gifts are not only used to beautify and decorate the house, they are also used to beautify the environment. You can decorate your street or lawn with them. They are not only environmentally friendly but also add beauty to the environment. They bring nature to your surroundings and make the environment free from bacteria and diseases.

  7. Easy to maintain and preserve – These natural gifts are easy to maintain and preserve because they are not produced from artificial substances. For example, a wooden gift set is easy to maintain and preserve. You don’t need any special care for it, or you don’t need to clean it with any special preservatives to preserve it.
  8. Improves the quality of life in terms of age and mortality – We may wonder why our great-grandparents lived for very long years before they died but in recent years we’ve observed people dying at younger ages. This is because our great-grandparents used products that were 100% natural. These products improve and increases their lifespan which makes them live for long years without any illnesses. These days, people die at a very young age of different diseases and illnesses, this is because the environment has been saturated with toxic and harmful chemical substances which we use each day and come also come in contact with.
As we can see, the importance and benefits of natural products and gifts are immeasurably and so as humans, we need to go for natural gifts as much as possible. Your gift will be much more appreciated by the recipient when it is eco-friendly and you are also sure that the gift won’t cause any health damage to whoever you are giving it to. So it is wise to be on the safer side and opt for eco-friendly gifts or customized eco-friendly gifts depending on the occasion.


Thursday, 23 November 2017

Unique Christmas Gifts For Your Employees

Christmas season is generally known as the season of merriment. It is a season for exchanging of gifts between families and friends. The corporate world is also not left out on this. In recent year’s most companies have taken to the idea of giving their employees Christmas gifts. These gifts are not only given to employees because it is Christmas season but there are other good reasons why companies give employees gifts. Giving each and every member of your workforce Christmas gifts has some very important benefits not only for the employee but also for the company.

Importance of Christmas gifts for employees

Encouragement – As a company, giving your employees Christmas gifts is an avenue to encourage them to work more for the advancement of the company. Each and every member of your employees contribute to the growth of the company either directly or indirectly. Encouraging them by buying the Christmas gift will keep them happy to work more and with all their strength. Employees won’t feel sad or reluctant to work for the company because they feel encouraged by the management and owner of the company.

Motivation – Giving your employee Christmas gifts is a good way to motivate them to work more. They feel a sense of belonging and acceptance as a part of the company. They feel welcome and they are motivated to do more. Most companies that give their employees Christmas gifts are found to be more successful than the companies that don’t give their employees Christmas gifts because the employees are motivated to do more with an open mind.

Appreciation – When a company gives their employees gifts, they are indirectly telling those employees “Thank you for a job well done all through the year”. Everyone likes to feel appreciated for their effort, so giving your employees Christmas gifts will not only make them happy but also make them feel appreciated.

Build Strong and Trustworthy Company-Employee relationship – Building a strong relationship with your employees is very important for the company. This is because when a company builds a strong relationship with its employees, it makes the employees work unanimously towards the success of the company without any bad intentions. A company owner or management that builds a solid relationship with its employees is, directly and indirectly solidifying the foundation of that company.

Types of Gifts a Company Can Give to its Employees
There are different types of gifts a company can give to its employees without necessarily breaking the bank. Every gift is special and appreciated depending on how it is been presented as a gift to the receiver. A company can spend lesser amount to buy gifts for its employees and will still achieve its intentions. Here are some suitable Christmas gifts you can give to your employees.

1. Customized Pens 

A customized pen is a pen that is printed and branded with your company or brand’s name and logo. It is a special pen that is not mass-produced for the general public. Anyone using a customized pen always feels special because of the thought that it a limited produced pen and not for general public. A customized pen is a suitable Christmas gift for company employees. It makes employees feel special and also make them feel as a bonafide member of the company. Any time an employee is using such pen, he or she always remembers the company even at home or any other place. A customized pen is also an easy way for a company to promote and publicize its name and brand.

2. Customized Notebooks

Customized books are books that are branded or printed with your company or brand’s name and logo. A customized book usually has the company’s name at the front. It is specially made notebooks that are been produced for a company on request. Most companies are known do this every Christmas period. It is an ideal gift to give to employees of a company.

3. Customized Sticky Pads

Customized sticky pads is another ideal Christmas gift a company can give to its employees. Sticky pads that are printed with your company’s name or logo are low budget gifts to give all members of staffs in the company. It is another easy way to publicize your company name or brand.

4. Customized Calendars

This is one of the most common Christmas gifts giving to employees by many companies. Every Christmas period we do observe the availability of different calendars printed with different company names and logos. Many companies do this every year and share with their employees and clients. It is also very beneficial to the company because calendars are used all through the year from January to December to check the date and as such, it is an easy efficient way to publicize the company. 

5. Customized Mouse and Mousepads

Customized mouse and mouse pads are traditional mice printed with your company name or specially produced mouse printed with your company name or brand name and logo. It is also a perfect Christmas gift any company can give to its employees. It is a limited kind of mouse as it is customized to make it more valuable and special.

6. Customized Lanyards 

Lanyards are ropes worn around the neck to hold I.D cards and flash drives. A company can make customized copies of this and share with its employees. Most companies have their customized Lanyards which every one of their employees uses as a means of identity to hold their I.D cards. It is an ideal Christmas gift and it is also very beneficial for the company for publicity purposes.

7. Customized Power Banks 

Every employee has a phone and there is need to charge the phone each day. Customized power banks are power banks printed with your company’s name and logo. It is another perfect Christmas gift a company can give to its employees.

All of these gifts are not very expensive but they are perfect Christmas gift for employees. Most companies have a lot of employees, and as a result need to minimize expenses. The most important part is the special way these gifts are been presented to the employees.

GiftandPaper is a leading Customized Corporate Gifts supplier in Singapore and Malaysia.


Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Best Corporate Customized Gifting Ideas

Corporate gifting is an inseparable part of the corporate world now day, keeping in mind the formal relation one needs to maintain. Business to business relation needs constant commitment and effort just like any other existing relationship. That is how the business grows. And gifting becomes an essential part of this relation. Much like any other thing, corporate gifting also requires thought. Here are a few options of customized gifts from GiftandPaper to gift your subordinates and colleagues for every occasion.

1.      Pens
For corporate gifting, there can be no better customized gift option than pens. They act as subtle and descent gifts for formal relation as well as occasion. One can easily get the gift customized by getting the name of the receiver inscribed on the gift for more personal touch.

2.      Organizers and diaries
Corporate setup often notices such gifts being exchanged for the sole purpose that it resembles usefulness and also acts subtle. Customized diaries can always be given with an additional pen set for act of consideration. This is a much popular choice when it comes to corporate gifting.

3.      Personalized mugs and drink ware
Gifts like personalized mugs and drink ware come through as more familiar and likeable gifts. Also these customized mugs with a mere photograph of the employee or their name would appear kind and will also reflect effort. Also these options are less on cost and also highly appreciated. They act as a useful corporate gift.

4.      Gift hampers and gift vouchers
Appreciating the effort of your staff is always required. One way of doing that could be appreciating and gifting your employees with gift hampers. Customized gift hampers can be created by placing the essentials in the hamper box. One can easily choose from various options like food, dry fruits, self grooming products, cosmetics, etc.

5.      Books
Books are a great option if the recipient is into reading. There can be nothing better that gifting a rare edition of a book to an ardent reader in a corporate setup. Books suffice to a unique customized gift selection and also reflect the effort one has put in to consider the taste of the one receiving the gift.

6.      Cufflinks
A businessman is always dressed up on point. A cufflink in that case would be a good option for corporate gifting. Not only will this gift enhance the charm of the suave suit but will also suffice need. Engraved cufflinks are a great customized option in this case.

These few but yet profound customized gifts from can make a lasting impression of your brand on anyone you give them to. 

Monday, 28 August 2017

Life made easy — Customized Sticky Notes are here !!

How convenient it would to be to have all our notes and essential details remain in an organized manner ! It will be extremely easy to figure out which notes are placed where and in what order. This is a huge advantage for all the school-going and college-going students. And this easy hack can be very easily traced by sticky notes. They act as a very convenient option to organize our textbooks and notes in an order which at times when we have that last-minute submission to make. 

Sticky notes are invariably the most relaxing invention in the world of stationery. Earlier we used to place all our notes at one place. And in the end, all of it would become a ruckus, but not anymore now. Customized Sticky notes from GiftandPaper separate all your necessary work on the basis of subject or length. So when the time arrives, you know where to look at. Also these notes come in colourful designs and patterns. So using them becomes much more fun and interesting.

Another super cool use of sticky notes would be its literal purpose of writing small figured notes on them. Imagine yourself leaving the house and you really want to convey a message to your partner. You can simply write on these sticky notes and easily stick them on various places of your house like the table or fridge. And your message is conveyed easily. This is an easy way of grabbing attention and at the same time sounding concerned. Also because these Custom sticky notes come in such neon coloured patterns, they easily grab the reader’s attention and are noticed at one immediate glance. The ones at GiftandPaper are very beautiful and keeps you both hooked and booked.

Remember the times when you used to write dictated notes and still wanted to write some extra self written notes. That is when these sticky notes come to rescue. You can easily write important stuff and place it on your textbook so that you remember it later. All the office going people who tend to forget stuff can use these stocky notes from Giftandpaper to keep them reminded of their day to day activities in their cubicle or their on dashboard. Since the notes will be right in front of the eyes, one can just not forget the important things to do for the day. This is how these sticky notes makes life much more simple and we don’t even realize that at times.

All those who are ardent book lovers can use sticky notes to remember pages of books and novels they were last reading at. This way, their flow would remain intact and it will be convenient as well. And using these sticky notes will make life easier. All you need to do is write important one or two liner stuffs on these sticky notes and simply paste it on either textbooks or important place like a cubicle or cabin. Keep all the necessary things to remember right in front of your eyes. comes up with some innovative and extra ordinary stationary materials make your life much simpler.

Friday, 7 July 2017

Custom Notebooks for Corporate Meetings and Corporate Gifts

Just create a notebook/diary that's not only personal but customized according to the needs, that's the innovation behind Custom notebooks. A professional who monotonously attends corporate meetings and presentations know the true importance of having the needed stationery in order to take the minutes of the meeting.

While Notebooks are convenient to carry and can be taken anywhere, the need for customized notebooks for corporates arises. Notebooks are the best way to keep a professional organised, especially during corporate meetings with higher-ups from the companies and it's competitors. Every corporate would want their employees to look professional and ready when attending a corporate meeting. The best way to do this is to use custom notebooks for corporate meetings and also as corporate gifts.Though there are plenty of inexpensive common notebooks available in the local stores and around, it is the just brilliance to be able to have only that notebooks that are customized and personalised to meet all of your wants and needs. For this, there is a variety of available choices. Just choose from a variety of notebooks so you are sure to be able to find one that goes perfectly with your requirements. Select and decide an images or name on the cover and throughout with plenty of blank white pages (lined or unlined) which can be used to fill with notes, doodles, sketches, and stories. Add high-quality, professional grade printing, and get a custom notebook that's truly a work of art. That is personal as well as useable.

These notebooks can be used for promotional purposes as well. Gifting these notebooks with a particular brand name or anything as per need, in the corporate counterparts, employees, competitors etc will just promote your company's brand name. Nowadays these are trending in the corporate culture. Also who would not want these notebooks, imagine any person using your company's 'branded' notebooks. Every time that person will write in that notebook it will remind him/her about your company.

Notebooks is the cheapest and easiest way to promote your company. So just select your basic need of stationary by modifying it and meet both your promotion and stationary needs.With all the special occasions and the festivals lingering around the corner, one definitely has to adapt to the gifting culture as it is the symbolism of love, care, and gratitude. But not everyone's life is limited to friends and family, but also with the corporate counterparts in business, who account for playing a vital role in our life economically. Hence, when it comes to special occasions and festivals, one has to take the aspect of the corporate gifts in regard, to do justice to their corporate relations as well. Corporate gifting is one way to get all your business associates and your employees to lean more towards you. With the best gifts customized to attract all your acquaintances, one can be assured by the very fact that the very expression of providing your corporate relations with offerings shall definitely bear you fruitful results of healthy bonds, prosperity, and success.

There are a lot of options relating to corporate gift ideas for your business associates, clients, boss or even for your employees, but according to a survey, only very few gifts are liked by the business colleagues or employees. You can either offer the common offerings of usual gifts to your corporate relations and gift the offering of unique gifts of the likes of business gifts, promotional gifts, creating an impression of intelligence and courtship on your fellow acquaintances.

Offerings that shall cast an impact on the receiver should entice you, and branding is compulsory, in its very own essence. The gifts should be memorable and should reflect off an impression which is special and transferring the receiver to the very moment when he/she accepted that gift from you, and find the corporate custom gifts amazing. There are pros and cons to every situation and the problem that arises with unique promotional, retirement, farewell, new joining gifting is that such gifts are generally expensive. Granting the patrons with the very opportunity to buy and send corporate gifts to their acquaintances, but also granting them with prices that are customer friendly and affordable. Whether your search is for Christmas Gifts for Corporates or promotional products, there are online portal harbours them and makes your moment special and granting the receiver of the gifts with ease. It is at your disposal, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week when a service is provided by corporate or customized gifts.

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